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Coach Gareth Thomas
World-Class Endurance Coach
"Endurance sports at the elite level place huge demands on an athlete. As such I am always looking for the best ways to help my athletes recover from training and racing to stay injury free. Scott's bodywork has played a huge part in the success of my athletes and teams. Quite simply, he has the best hands of any massage therapist that I have discovered since coming to the USA 10 years ago. Furthermore, he is genuinely interested in the process of working with athletes to achieve peak performance. He always follows up to check in how my athletes feel following a bodywork session and is constantly upgrading his knowledge and education so that his work remains of the highest caliber. He is an essential part of my coaching arsenal"

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Jon Kaufmann
Physical Therapist
Kaufmann Physical Therapy
"I have worked with Scott professionally for more than 5 years now. He has worked on me, with me (in treating some of my patients), and on my two business partners as well. I am always comfortable referring Scott as a solid, knowledgeable therapist. He is professional, courteous, and punctual. Scott is particularly effective with athletes. He understands the mental and physical aspects of long-term training, which is important in maintaining an athletic client’s health. I can highly recommend his service."

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Colette McFadden
Doctor of Internal Medicine
Cyclist, Runner
2011 Leadville 100 Competitor
"I have been a client of Scott’s for about 2 years.  Coach Gareth Thomas originally referred me to him, as I was seeking relief from lower back pain, and hip flexibility. Scott has so much experience with athletes. He is a cyclist himself, which gives him experience in determining which muscles needs work, and how to approach them.  He also knows when to "dig in" and when to let muscles recover with just a flush.  As an active adult, I have worked with many Massage Therapists with various aches and pains, but I return to Scott month-after-month, because he is the best."

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David Quiros
UCLA Doctoral Student
UCLA Triathlon Hall of Fame Inductee
Triathlete, Cyclist
"For the past two years, Scott has been the Team Masseur for the UCLA Triathlon Team. His detailed work enabled me to maximize my athletic potential as a student athlete. A cyclist and runner himself, Scott well understands the stresses endurance sports put on the body. Also, his solicitude for his clients to reach his or her personal and/or athletic endeavors is most unique."

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Lise Inouye
Ironman Triathlete
Personal Trainer/Coach
Pilates Instructor, Masseuse
"Scott has healing hands. A mutual friend suggested I give Scott a try, to correct my nagging case of plantar fasciitis and hamstring tendonitis (all stemming from a traumatic bike crash a few years back). Scott understood immediately what my needs were, and within a few weeks, I was thrilled to be injury free again. I am an 8 x Ironman Triathlete, Personal Trainer and Certified Massage Therapist. I am always looking for someone who does exceptional bodywork and Scott fits the bill. I am satisfied knowing that many of my fellow LATriClub and Ultra distance athlete friend's also use Scott! This speaks volumes! He consistently gives quality care at a fair price, to all who work with him!"

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Brady O’Bryan
UCLA Triathlon Team Member
2011 USAT Undergraduate National Triathlon Champion
"I am a 2011 Graduate of UCLA. I began working with Scott two years ago, when I was having severe quad cramping when I ran. My massage sessions were really intense and the work was very detailed. As a result of the treatment however, I ended up having my best race of the season at the 2010 March Triathlon Series (At the Conference Championship, Scott drove up to support me and the rest of the UCLA Triathlon team, which we all greatly appreciated).  In the summer of 2010, I was diagnosed with a tibial stress fracture, and had to take most of the summer off from training. The road back to race-level conditioning was brutal, but Scott worked with me to keep my body healthy. I was so pleased to podium at the 2011 USAT Nationals, especially after the tough summer and fall. I’m certain that my work with Scott was key to my success."